*Martin Lee Gore*

* ex-girlfriend (Christina)

Martin and his ex girlfriend Christina: 1 2 3 4

Martie and her mum: 1

When Martin moved to Berlin around 1983 he met Christina which became his second girlfriend that I know of. (First one was Anne.) They broke up around 1987.

PS What's wrong with the idiot who cut Martie out of #4! >=(

* in your room (seizure)

In Your Room lyrics


"The worst memory about "In Your Room" is the making of the video. We spent a whole day in the studio filming and I probably had a lunch at some point, but it was just something really small, like half a sandwich. We finished filming at about 8 o'clock, and went back to the hotel and I forgot to eat. We went to the bar and I didn't eat.... We went out to a club and I didn't eat.... We came back and had a party in my room that went on till really late. The next day I had to get up and go to a band meeting. So I got up feeling absolutely terrible and sort of staggered to the meeting, I couldn't even stand up. I had to lie down during the meeting and that was when I went into a seizure. So whenever I see this video, I just think Oh, God'.... It brings back terrible memories." ~Martin

* football (soccer)

Martie playing football. Martie up in the air. Don't just stand there...

Martin use to play on a football team.  He was #3.  His fav football team is the Arsenal.

* arrest (denver)

On November 4 1993, in Denver Colorado, Martin was arrested and had to pay $500.

"The night before I got arrested, I had a party in my room and there were about 50 people and it was really loud. The night of the arrest, it was me and a friend and the music was really quiet. They rang me and asked me to turn it down, so I did. They rang me again and asked me to turn it down, so I turned it off. Next thing I know there's complete silence and the police knocked on the door. I stupidly opened it. They burst in, threw me on the bed and handcuffed me. There was no music whatsoever playing. I think they were out to get me for the night before. I can't remember much about it. I was really drunk at the time and it seemed like fun. The next day, when I sobered up, I realised why some of the people in there weren't too happy with me. I'd just been done for disturbing the peace." -Martin Gore

* wedding (Suzanne)

Martin and Suzanne at the wedding.

Martin married Suzanne Boisvert on August 27, 1994.  Here is a lil article about Su.

* award (Ivor)

On May 27 1999, Martin was presented with an award for "International Achievement", by the British Academy of Composers And Songwriters. Gore was presented with his award by Daniel Miller, whose speech commended Martin's work as Depeche Mode's songwriter, and the fact that for nearly 20 years the band have managed to connect, through their music, with people all over the world.