*Martin Lee Gore*

66 reason why ceallach loves Martie

They are not in any particular order and it's all just for fun =) I adore the Gore! =P

1. He sings like an angel.
2. He cares about "mother earth."
3. He is not afraid to cry.
4. He looks better in a dress than I do.
5. He is confident enough to wear that dress.
6. He has blond curly floof.
7. He will not try to control anybody.
8. He dances cute.
9. He is sexy and lustful.
10. He knows how to have fun.
11. He is not racist.
12. He does not conform.
13. He is oh so sensitive.
14. He knows "different people have different needs."
15. He has a cute arse.
16. He is amazing.
17. He will "rush for you".
18. He is not homophobic.
19. He has soft lustful lips.
20. He is very passionate.
21. He is an angel.
22. He knows how silly sexual barriers are.
23. He dresses deliciously and with style.
24. He is not greedy.
25. He doesn't want to be like "one of the boys."
26. He apologizes.
27. He cannot see that well.
28. He is generous.
29. He loves to play "master and servant."
30. He will "not willingly do you harm."
31. He works out.
32. He writes the most moving and romantic lyrics.
33. He wears nail polish.
34. His "intentions are pure."
35. He is benevolent.
36. He has a British accent.
37. He will let you go "behind the wheel."
38. He has intense green eyes.
39. He practices what he preaches.
40. He is sweet like honey.
41. He does not watch MTV.
42. He can throw the best "black celebration."
43. He is 'Gore'geous.
44. He has an adorable little nose.
45. He "gets the balance right."
47. He is peaceful.
48. He laughs cute.
49. His smile makes me melt.
50. He is bold and daring.
51. He is a poet.
52. He is sensual and beautiful.
53. He knows he has "weaknesses."
54. He is just the right height.
55. His teeth were perfect before too.
56. He is a Leo/Cancer.
57. He is thankful.
58. He is precious.
59. He walks cute.
60. He is not too hairy.
61. He is such a genius.
62. He wears makeup.
63. He is totally unique.
64. He loves animals.
65. He makes the best music I have ever heard.
66. He is perfect and divine.

I LOVE MARTIN LEE GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!