*Martin Lee Gore*
~Love Poems~

My Love

The words you whisper to me,
 are so soft and so dear.
The sound of your voice,
 is like sweet thoughts in my ear.

Your scent melts my body,
 like ice on a hot day.
Your touch sends chills down my body,
 like the first time I met you.

You are everything to me,
 my life; my destiny,
and most of all,
  you complete meÖ

By Ashley Jo Amundson © All Rights Reserved.

A kiss

A kiss as soft
as spring time flowers,
As sweet
as summer showers

Itís not practical
Yet, it's magical
A gentle embrace
Upon my face
You hold my heart...
until our lips part

By Lisa Christine Smith © All Rights Reserved.


Soft and sensual with a delicate touch
Slightly parted, not much
A light speck of breeze
A light rustle through the trees
A touch of sweet ecstasy
As they waver and then meet
Our touch is light and sweet
They open and our tongues embrace
My eyes see the expression on your face
As I fall against your chest
You hold me, I feel at rest
All except the rush of joy
That slips past the rest to toy
You step back, they open to speak
But nothing comes out, I feel weak
Those lips of yours so full of bliss
As we move in again for another kiss

By Amanda Waters © All Rights Reserved.

Beautiful Words

Beautiful words express how it seems,
in phrases of flowers, in wonderful dreams.

Walk through the roses, of red and of white,
float through the memories, give fairies their sight.

Smile a smile to brighten the sun,
to let me know, heaven has won.

Take me by hand, walk me through time,
read me your thoughts, make sure that they rhyme.

Float me through song, move me forwards,
express this all, in beautiful words.

By Tessa Bea Jones © All Rights Reserved.


Whispering light
dancing and jumping
in the blackness.

The only light
is the light you shine.

Bright shining light
fills up a small,
dark and empty room.

The light whispers
soft lullabies to you
as your lips
kiss out the light
for all darkness to shine through.

By Diane Teresa Peebles © All Rights Reserved.