*Martin Lee Gore*
~Dream Poems~


Is this real or fantasy?
My heart stands still
as he comes to me.
My breath is caught in my mouth.
Is he the one I dream of?

Walking in a endless trance,
waiting to hear his voice again.
My heart stands still.
I close my eyes...
and then he comes.
He fills my heart with joy.

My fears disappear
and I am left in his arms.
I open my eyes to find
I am hugging myself.
Oh my brave knight,
please come back to me!
... Looking up at the stars,
they twinkle like his eyes,
the wind is like his breath
teasing me,
the night is like his arms,
wrapping me in a silent embrace
is this real or is it fantasy?

By Angelust © All Rights Reserved.


I dreamed I saw you,
standing on the beach,
with the sun reflecting
off of you.

I dreamed I saw you,
standing under the moon,
while the wind,
did dances with your hair.

Every dream I have is about you.
Every wish I make is for you.
One day I pray we will be together,
under the setting sun,
and the glowing moon

By Jillian R. B. © All Rights Reserved.


it's a fantasy,
you and me
like waves that don't crash
like a sun that doesn't set
like a walk on the beach-
with no footprints
it's just a fantasy
like time standing still
like a clock that doesn't tick
like a shadow on the wall
when there's no person at all
it's just a fantasy

By Mary Elizabeth Blessing © All Rights Reserved.

In My dreams

In my dreams, you hold me tight,
making love ‘til morning light.
Holding me close with all your might.

In my dreams, pleasures are shared,
passionate desires never rare.
As close to extreme as we dare.

In my dreams, we share each day.
Facing obstacles thrown our way,
together, forever come what may.

In my dreams, our love is true,
eternally binding me and you.
Something found by very few.

In my dreams........
I am with you.

By Circe © All Rights Reserved.


The possibility exists...
That in another time,
Another place...
We would be lovers.

Infinitesimal probabilities
Within an imagined universe.

Pretenses created in illusion
By our dreams and desires,
Of what we would wish to be.

In the realm of Neverland,
Completion of our search
Would culminate in

Finding the other......

Transcending eons of time,
Our hearts would intertwine
Bringing you to me, I to you.

Two wholes, combining...
Into a nebula of creation,
Forming new galaxies,
New star systems...
New heavens.

Where all beings
Would be empowered...
By our Love.

By Kay Elaine Ekwall © All Rights Reserved.

And Out Of My Dreams Came You!

Deep in the silence, one nightfall
When the moon sat still, shone bright,
Came the utterance of one single moonbeam
At my window... tapping, ever so light;

And in the flicker of one swift instant
I felt its warming embrace;
It encompassed me and then I trembled
As before me appeared your sweet face.

Then the radiance of that gentle smile,
The love shining soft in your eyes,
Began to penetrate with the moonlight
Straight through me, to deafen my cries.

Now, no longer am I ever lonely.
With each nightfall there's you and love's true:
In the darkness I seek out my moonbeam
And out of my dreaming... comes you!

By Susan Leilani © All Rights Reserved.