*Martin Lee Gore*
~Ceallach's Poems~

The Angel

the angel dressed in black
he has no wings upon his back
yet he flies away from me
leaving life boring and dreary

the angel dressed in drag
if I had him I would have to brag
the lingerie and panties I am jealous of
so near to his heavenly skin of love

the angel dressed in leather
no matter what the weather
I just want to tear it apart
so I can touch his body and hear his heart

the angel dressed in lipstick
I wish for his tongue to present me with a lick
I would be in supernatural bliss
if I had his sexy lips in a divine kiss

the angel dressed in pearls
the celestial spirit in blond floofy curls
I would praise him for eternity
if we could live together in serenity

I wish for the angel to return to me
he could stay here and still be free
he is pleasing dressed in almost anything
but pure ecstasy when in nothing

By Ceallach © All Rights Reserved.


you rise up, just like the sun
fervent, shining all around
so high and deep into me
within us joined, harmonious sound

a stream of light
radiates from you
piercing into me
all the way through

as you brighten me
filling me with ardor
I cry with delight
somehow filling me with more

the fire makes us melt
we merge into one
we change into liquid lust
as we make love under the sun

By Ceallach © All Rights Reserved.

His Eyes

green circles of perfection
seductive luminous emeralds
is it the beauty of your eyes
or merely the beauty behind them
that swallows me with such tender grace?

sliding into them, I can feel the plunge
of my heart, as it meets yours
I am blessed to know such a man
one who is, in every way
as beautiful as his eyes

By Ceallach © All Rights Reserved.