*Martin Lee Gore*
~Angel Poems~


Strong iridescent wings.
She dreams of Angels
And her nighttime is filled
with calm.

And then
just before dawn
strong wings enfold her
holding her still,
as she is caressed,
gently made love to,
warm and tender still,
then peace.

And next morning
she is certain it was all a dream,
until she turns
and spies
one iridescent feather
on her pillow.

©1995 De'Maris Productions. All Rights Reserved.


Be my beloved teacher.
Bear me the truth of your soul.
Hold me with your beauty.
Imprint me with your kindness.
Taint me with your magic.
Haunt me with your wisdom.
Warm me with your eyes.
Devastate me with your smile.
Temper me with your kiss.
Free me with your love.
Leave me more beautiful
than I was before.
Stun me beyond belief,
my beloved Angel.
Then dry my glistening tears.
...before you fly away.

©1995 De'Maris Productions. All Rights Reserved.


On silver wings he soars to my soul
bringing words of comfort
to my lonely aching heart.

Be free, my child, he whispers
and my tears sprang forth like
rivers of oceans.

When will I know true love?
When will I find the one who speaks
words of soft caresses in the moonlight?

My heart bleeds for one who speaks my name
Of wild, abandoned love
ecstasy in the pale moonlight.
Soft breeze blowing on our entwined bodies.

Soon, my child, he sings.
One whose need is as great as yours
awaits in the realm of love and light.

He awaits with open arms and a love surreal.
Be strong
Be free
and soar with me.
For I am he who awaits your love.

By Sarah ©1998 All Rights Reserved.


He came to me
With Fiery wings

"Look into my eyes"
"See the passion that burns for you"

I looked

I knew him, I felt him.

Memories of days long past came to mind.
My angel, My spirit Lover,
My husband

The wind ripped though my hair
The thunder rolled
Rain poured down upon my soul

"Feel Me"
I did

Fire burned within me
My heart soared with love
Remembrances of lives lived before
swarmed through my body

I did

Passion, love, aching loneliness and need

"Love me"
I did

He soared away once more to the realm of peace
leaving me with glimpses
of love once shared
and love yet to come.

I did.

By Sarah ©1998 All Rights Reserved.

Poems thanks to Sarah's Archangels! =*)