Counterfeit 2
Martin Gore has another solo album of cover songs called Counterfeit 2.

Excellent site with a load of stuff! This must be a dedicated fan!

Down On My Knees
Lots of rare Martie pix for you veiwing pleasure!

World Full Of Martin
Made by a very devoted Martin Lover who I happen to be good friends with! She has fanfic, pix, facts, polls, and much more!

For All of the Fun
Funniest Martie site!

Wonderful graphics, video stills, pix and more!

A Tribute To Martin Gore
A nice site about Martin Gore by Elektra which is also available in Russian.

M.L.Gore S t u d i o
"Now you can grab your hands on Martin tracks in their original form!"

Martin and the Brain ~ is Martin really Pinky?
This is funny! and cute, so go check it out! :)

martin l. gore - a fan listing
A list of fans with e-mail, location, and site.

Martin Gore the only one
A club at yahoo about Martin Gore!

Faith and Devotion
Another club at yahoo about Martin Gore. Founded by Deja.

Counterfeit Mailing List
From Halo's DM page and the biggest mailing list about Martin Gore!

Martin Gore
They got to meet Martin Gore! Those lucky people!

Afternoon Tea with Martin Gore
Short page on Martie ;)

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