*Martin Lee Gore*

In Your Roomlyrics


"The worst memory about "In Your Room" is the making of the video. We spent a whole day in the studio filming and I probably had a lunch at some point, but it was just something really small, like half a sandwich. We finished filming at about 8 o'clock, and went back to the hotel and I forgot to eat. We went to the bar and I didn't eat.... We went out to a club and I didn't eat.... We came back and had a party in my room that went on till really late. The next day I had to get up and go to a band meeting. So I got up feeling absolutely terrible and sort of staggered to the meeting, I couldn't even stand up. I had to lie down during the meeting and that was when I went into a seizure. So whenever I see this video, I just think Oh, God'.... It brings back terrible memories." ~Martin