*Martin Lee Gore*
KNRK FM Portland OR- radio interview MP3 5mb (April 26, 2001)
The Name's The Game- by John Kercher for Zig Zag Magazine (November 1982)
[no name] (1984)
The Decadent Boy- by Max Bell from No 1 Magazine (May 11th 1985)
[no name] (November 1990)
Rolling Stone Interview- by Marvin Scott Jarrett (1993)
[no name] (June 1993)
Catching Up With Martin- by Michaela Olexova (October 1996)
Guitar World Interview (May 1997)
Resurrected- Keyboard Magazine (July 1997)
Press-Telegraph before NBC Tonight show (1997)
Construction Time- Martin and Fletch interviewed by Jean-Henri Maisonneuve (1997)
Interview for "The Cutting Edge" and "5fm" South Africa- by Jason Curtis  (1997)
Allstarmag interview (1998)
Martin Gore- by Robert L. Doerschuk (1998)
Music For The Masses And Beyond- by Sat Bisla (1998)
Wallofsound interview (1998)
Interview by the dm webmaster (December 7th 2000)
From a Spanish DM microsite on www.plus.es (2001)
From askmen.com (they sent me this weird E-mail I didn't understand it so I took the interview off my site) =( (2001)
CDNow Article Courtesy www.cdnow.com (March 1, 2002)
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