*Martin Lee Gore*
*Interview #6*
June 1993

Why the title "Sofad"?
We wanted the album title to have a religious feel to it, we felt that the songs were spiritual, uplifting, there's also a gospel feel to some of the tracks. So we wanted to have it without being to heavily religious: so, faith to what? And devotion to what? It's ambiguous enough...
How did the birth of your daughter influence the songs?
I think the songs have a more positive outlook, and it's mostly due to becoming a father. When I sit down and start writing songs, I'm not sure on what to write, but I do want to express my feelings to people.
What's your idea of religion?
When I have this religious feel to a song, the only kind of religion we're talking about is love; u fall in love, u have belief in love, and that's enough 4 me. It's really hard to believe in anything else.
What does love mean 4 u?
Well, love's a different thing in everybody, it's difficult to put into words... U can see my songs, they always try to convey  kind of different feelings. U can't imprint love with a phrase, it's a feeling that changes.