*Martin Lee Gore*
*Interview #4*
November 1990

Why a 3-year long stop before Violator?
I think that as time goes on, as u get older, as u try to improve your techniques, it takes longer to make a record. We came to realize that in our early years we made an album each year, now the whole process is just longer.
What do u think about the music business?
The music business has probably not changed so much, it's always bad... Sometimes u take a look at the charts and u get impressed, it's not as good as it used to be; but if u take a newspaper that gives the charts from 5-10 years ago, u realize it's always been bad. U tend to focus on the present more, when u were younger u just had more enthusiasm.
Why is there a rose on the cover of Violator?
We just felt that "violator" was a really strong word, so we wanted to contrast it with something gentle, something pleasant. So we decided 4 the rose.
Can u explain the lyrics for Enjoy the silence?
Sometimes I feel that words, as the song says, r unnecessary: feeling and emotions r far more important.
What do u think of Anton Corbijn?
I think there's a bit of humor in our music, but there's not really as humor as a lot of people would like. So with his videos he does add an element of humor to our songs. We really like the way he works, he's got a lot of imagination and he's really artistic.