*Martin Lee Gore*
*Interview #2*
Martin Gore interview from like 1984 maybe... 

ďIíve grown to be the Ďbossí of the band over the yearsĒ, tells Martin Gore. ďFor the choice of songs as well as for the visual aspects I have the last word. Still Iím not a born leader, on the contraryĒ. The eye-catcher tells how it did come this far.

Q: Did you ever think youíd be this famous, Martin ? 

A: Not at all! As a child I used to be the shy type. I always had none or only a few friends and I spent most of the time alone in my room reading fairy-tales. I lost myself in fairy-tale books and lived in another world. In school as well I had a big shortage of self-confidence. The teachers only seldom heard my voice. 

Q: So youíve changed completely nowadays ?

A: Thatís right, but donít think it happened from one day to another. I think my job as a bank clerk has a lot to do with it. Because I was so young, my colleagues treated me a little in a stepmotherly fashion. After a while I came up for myself better and better. 

Q: Are you really such a party-animal ? 

A: I love parties. In my time off I can therefore mostly be found in a London club or one of Basildonís pubs. 

Q: Do you still live in Basildon ? 

A: Yes. I still like living home with my mother and my two sisters. My German girlfriend lives in Berlin, but I donít even think of moving to Germany. Berlin is a lovely, mysterious city, but Iím dreadfully attached to Basildon. 

Q: Is Andrew Fletcher your best friend ?

A: Without any doubt. I like to pull caprices and Andy is always the victim. He hasnít actually anything in common with me, Iím very exuberant while he prefers calmness and peace. Still he is my permanent ďgoing-out-partnerĒ. 

Q: You seem to like striking clothes ? 

A: Yes, as far as that goes Iím very busy. I design together with a few co-operators DMís stage-outfits and I organize the photo-sessions. Nothing is too crazy for me. I donít even shrink from wearing from time to time something from Christineís wardrobe.

Q: Whatís you favourite food ? 

A: For two years now, Iím a convinced vegetarian. Just like Alan, I decided it was time to live healthier. Therefore I go jogging every day with my dog Ben.