"all the islands in the ocean
all the heaven's in the motion
let me show you the world in my eyes"

name: Kelley Amber
nickname: Ceallach (pronounced Kay-lock)
my picture: me at 16 years old


Martin Gore Message Board (& all Ezboards) name : MartsHornyCreep=P
AIM name: Ceal66
Yahoo! ID: Ceal_G
ICQ #: 37473589


mailing addy: General Delivery Newport WA, 99156
born: East SF Bay CA
birthday: 12-09-82
Sun sign: Sagittarius

and optimistic! :)

Moon sign: Libra
rising sign: Pisces
height: 5'5"
eye color: hazel, blue, green, gray?
hair color: medium brown
complexion: pale with freckles

Celtic Cross

nationalities: Irish, Cherokee, Swedish, German, Eskimo
parents: Mom- Barbara, Dad- Daniel
siblings: Keith (22), PJ (4)
pets: I use to hae a cutie kitty named Martie =)
(pix coming soon)


hobbies: reading books (fantasy, occult), learning, writing poetry/short stories, drawing, exploring things, listening to DEPECHE MODE 24/7!


last job: movie theatre
last school: Alhambra High
current school: Newport Night School
fav food: Italian
fav drink: lemonade with vodka;)
fav ice cream flavor: Pralines 'n Cream or Cookies N Cream
fav color: sylver
fav films: Beetlejuice, The Saint, Hide Away, Earth Girls Are Easy, Dead Poets Society, Dracula, Legend, Labyrinth, Willow
fav shows: X-files, Kids in the Hall, Simpsons, Friends
fav actor: David Duchovny
fav actress: Winona Ryder
fav comedian: Scott Thompson
fav books: Ecstasia series - Francesca Lia Block
fav poet: MARTIN L. GORE
fav song: Shake the Disease - DEPECHE MODE
fav vid: Question of Lust - DEPECHE MODE
fav band I have ever heard: DEPECHE MODE!!!
other bands I love (not in order): Placebo, Creed, Heather Nova, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Live, U2, The Cardigans, Blur, David Bowie, The Doors, Tori Amos, Morcheeba, The Cranberries, and Garbage


what i dislike: annoying, littering, brain-washing, oppressing, racist, sexist, prejudice, homophobic, ignorant, and close-minded people....they suck! :P


*martie*┐depeche mode?reach out ...touch dave

by mizKitty