*Martin Lee Gore*
July 23, 1961
London, England
Martin's Sun sign is on the cusp between Leo and Cancer, so I have included both.

symbol: crab
archetype: nuturer, sentimentalist
element: water
ruling planet: Moon ~rules nurturing, needs, and emotions
day: Monday
metal: quicksilver
colour: blue grey
flower: lily
numbers: 296, 8 or 2
asteroid: Ceres ~rules hard work, fertility, healing, and caring
mode: cardinal ~tends to solve their problems through outward action and relationship rather than through inner scrutiny of psychological motives or by adapting to outward circumstances.  ~initiate new projects ~energetic and aggressive
house: 4 (home, roots, soul)
phrase: "I feel"
motivations: emotional expression, family, peace, relationships, connection to the past, children
personalities: maternal, caring, sensitive, sentimental, loyal, nurturing, domestic, imaginative, aloof, sympathetic, supportive, considerate, tender, shy, kind,  giving, quiet, worryful, tends to overreact, creature of habit, loves food, sometimes crabby, and loves to feign sickness when feeling ignored.

symbol: lion
archetype: king of the jungle
element: fire
ruling planet: Sun ~rules self-direction, ego, will, and spirit
day: Sunday
metal: gold
colour: orange
flower: marigold
numbers: 105, 6 or 1
asteroid: Pallas Athena ~rules wisdom, arts, health, individuality, and androgyny
mode: fixed ~tends to be stable and dependable; its negative qualities are being stubborn, tenacious, and resisting change ~work slower than others ~are more introverted and self-sufficient, and less likely to work within relationships
house:5 (children, fun, creativity)
phrase: "I will"
motivations:success, recognition, capturing the attension and respect of others, and being in the spotlight
personalities:  competitive, immature, cheerful, youthful, generous, dramatic, determined, dynamic, funny, ambitious, confident, creative, proud, loves to entertain, vain and conceited.
This adds an element of luck to the life and will tend to strengthen and good, or minimize evil, that may be indicated by the rest of the chart.  It inclines to a strong, sound body and an ability to take the ups and downs of the world in your stride.  While it will not deny in any large degree the difficulties to the powerful aspects, it will cushion the blow, give you internal resilience and external poise, as well as an elastic power to bounce back to normal from any personal or economic difficulty.
Daring, courageous, adventurous, dashing.  His vitality and pace take the world by storm; he was undoubtedly a precocious child and he always seems to be a couple of jumps ahead of himself emotionally—and maybe also geographically.  This position gives a passion for travel, variety, novelty, and excitement, which makes for romance in large and continuous doses.  He has amazing energy, an expressive imaginative equipment, a magnetic effect on others, and, if he can hold in his fiery emotional nature and harness it to a constructive purpose, there is nothing he cannot do.
He needs to think in romantic or intuitive terms.  His fear is that an advantage can be had through appeals to the emotions.
This position is very weak for Venus.  On the personality level Venus has to entertain two contrary relations at the same time.  On the soul-centered level, she is uniting the various duality’s and opposing forces found in the majority of human relationship dynamics and bringing them into a much more harmonious whole.  Her soul purpose is to synthesize the interment of working out human relations into higher potentials.
Positively this has lots of energy for work.  He needs to have a lot.  If not he will become very frustrated.  Negatively he has a hard time working with others.  Judging oneself on the basis of how much work he can do.  Conflicts with superiors.
(This one cancels out the Mars In Virgo.)  N/A
He is a good deal of a visionary, idealistic in matters of philosophy and religion, with a kind of nebulous and unsound approach to abstract matters.  He is capable of believing in things that never were on land or sea.  A strata of mysticism underlies his thinking a mist of unreality gets between his eyes and the outer world.  Concrete evidence should be his constant aim, and you should forget the Pauline definition of faith as "the evidence of things unseen,"  for he is all too prone to believe and must cultivate skepticism.  In material and personal matters this makes him pretty gullible, and unless other indications show a marked degree of suspicion and shrewdness, this will get him into trouble and cause losses.  Even with the most practical of indications he will have periodic fits of playing hunches or inspirations that will be costly.
Very high tendency to make up one’s own rules.  This is good for putting the Will-to-Good into material forms and concrete actions.
They constantly change the way they create things.  They demand freedom in just being who they want to be and very proud of whatever they change into.  They change a lot in themselves and how they perceive things.